OpenStage Activation (Licensing)

In most cases Licensing of your OpenStage 2 Vision Processor is taken care of during installation and does not require any user action. BackStage (the OpenStage 2 Client software) checks the license over the internet periodically and if it is unable to connect to the licensing server for several months you may see a pop up warning you that the License will expire.

There are two solutions to completing activation:

  1. Give your client computer network access to both the Vision Processor (which needs to be activated) and the Internet.  We recommend this be accomplished by adding another network interface to the client computer -- one which is directly connected to the Vision Processor and another connected to your broader network with Internet access.

    If you continue to see licensing warnings after restarting OpenStage contact support for further assistance.
  2. If it is not feasible that the client machine has a network connection to both the Vision Processor and the Internet you may complete a manual activation or "Activation by Phone."  In this scenario, you will need to contact Organic Motion support staff with two numbers -- the "Code Entry Number" and the "Computer ID."  These are supplied to the user at the beginning of the "Activation by Phone" process.

    This can be completed via email, web-form support ticketing, or phone.  Once the two numbers are received the support team can respond with two corresponding numbers that need to be entered into the OpenStage Client to complete Activation of the Vision Processor.

If any questions or complications arise, the support team is just a click away by creating a support ticket, but the more information that you can provide upfront will allow the support staff to get you back up and tracking as fast as possible.

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