Can I Adjust Camera Lenses (Focus, etc.) for Better Performace?

Short Answer:  No. Adjusting the physical lens will void the lens calibration associated with the camera.

Long Answer:  Cameras provided by Organic Motion are highly-calibrated devices.  Because we are taking visual data from actors within the system, it is important that data is a true representation of the physical world.

For this reason, the lens-camera systems as shipped to the end-user are not user serviceable.  They have been calibrated in our factory to give the best possible results.  It is an unsupported action to adjust any of the settings of the physical lens as these are set to match the calibration.  Modifying focus, aperture, or iris settings on a lens can result in malfunction and will require that the camera-lens system be returned to Organic Motion for repair and re-calibration.

There are software settings and camera pointing adjustments that can be made by end-users, that will not irreversibly effect the system and can improve the system.  Please see the article Getting The Most Out of My Cameras.

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