How Do I Find The IP Address For My System?

Connection to the OpenStage System from the client requires an Ethernet connection and the IP Address of the Vision Processor.  This can be located from the LCD screen interface on the Vision Processor itself. 

You must first physically locate the Vision Processor, whether in a rack or desk/workstation in close proximate to the tracking stage.

Once there, located the LCD screen interface.  This will be behind the door on the front panel of the case.  If in a multi-use space this could be locked, so contact the administrator for the area to grant you access.

Using the buttons on the interface press the "Down Arrow" until you see the IP Settings menu, then press the check in the center to enter the menu.

You IP Address with then be displayed on the screen.  Use this to connect to the Vision Processor from your client.

NOTE: If there are any leading zeros on the displayed IP Address in most circumstances it should be entered into backstage without them, i.e. should be used in backstage as

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