How do I shut down the system?

Organic Motion's systems are capable of running non-stop.  However if you are going to not be using the system for extended periods or are worried about energy conservation; here are the steps to shut down the system.

First make sure you have saved your work.  Close the backstage on your client machine.  Then locate the Vision Processor's front panel.  Now hit the down arrow till the LCD reads SHUTDOWN.  Click the check mark button.  They system will now ask if you are sure.  If you are sure click the check mark button a second time.  The Vision Processor will now power down.

If your system is on a firewire system the expansion boxes will automatically shut off. 

If your system is power over Ethernet then the switch will remain on.  (please note: we do not recommend turning off the switch as doing so greatly increases system boot time.  However if the switch as been turned off please allow 10 minutes for the system to fully start.)


Your system is now shut down!


To turn on the system, locate the power button under the LCD and press once.  Allow the system 5 minutes to fully boot up.  Your system is now ready to go.

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