Installing/Upgrading OpenStage

There are two pieces of software associated with an Organic Motion OpenStage System, the server software and the client.  The versions of these two pieces of software need to match for the system to function properly

To install the never version of the OpenStage Client download the .exe installer provided to you by OrganicMotion Tech Support.  Use either the 32-bit or 64-bit installer depending on you client computer's Hardware.

Follow the directions for installation and when you are complete you can the proceed with installing the update on the server to match the client.

To update the server:

  1. Download the *.omu file provided to you by Organic Motion Tech Support
  2. Run the the newly updated OpenStage Client, BackStage.
  3. Navigate to "Tools"->"Update Server" to activate the Update Server Dialog

  4. Specify the IP address of the server to be updated
  5. By selecting "Browse" you can navigate to the location of the downloaded *.omu file.

The process will take a few minutes, but once completed to match both the client and server you will be all set to use the most up-to-date version of Organic Motions OpenStage Software.

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