How do I use the MotionBuilder Plugin?

The MotionBuilder Plugin is designed to be used alongside BackStage. If you installed MotionBuilder after installing the OpenStage Client package, you will need to reinstall the client software package (which installs BackStage, MotionBuilder Plugin(s), and the SDK).


NOTE: See Requirements section of this guide for information on compatible versions of MotionBuilder. 

To get started, open MotionBuilder. You will be greeted with a fresh scene file.

  • In the Resources pane at the bottom-right of the application, click on the Asset Browser tab (Window > Asset Browser).
  • In the Asset Browser, expand the Templates section and click on Devices in the left pane to display plugins and devices available to you in MotionBuilder.


  •  From the Asset Browser, drag the OpenStage Device into the Viewer.

This will open the OpenStage Device in the Navigator window. The Navigator displays assets that have already been added to the current scene.


 (1. Online button 2. Live checkbox 3. Recording checkbox 4. Model Binding dropdown 5. Address field 6. Bind Pose checkbox 7. Characterize button 8. Device Information) 

  • Next, enter your Vision Processor’s IP address in the OpenStage Device plugin’s Address field [5]. Click the Online button [1] to connect to the Vision Processor. The box will go from red to green upon successful connection.

 To track multiple actors in MotionBuilder:

  •  Set the desired number of Actors in BackStage first by adding the appropriate number of Actor Slots in the Scene pane. You must create the model binding after setting the number of actors.
  • In the Model Binding dropdown menu [4], click Create… to create an Organic Motion skeleton in the scene. 
  • Take the plugin live by clicking the Live checkbox [2]. At this point, if an actor steps into the OpenStage tracking volume and gets acquired, you will see the skeleton being driven by the actor’s data in the Viewer.

 If you set BackStage to track two or more actors, additional actors can acquire one after the other and begin tracking, as well.


Tip: If you do not see the skeleton tracking, ensure that the MotionBuilder Viewer window is not in Models Only mode (Display > Normal, or CTRL+A).

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