MATLAB Example - plotactor.m

The attached file 'plotactor.m' contains an example MATLAB function PLOTACTOR which will Plot an Organic Motion Actor state.  Specifically PLOTACTOR(ACTOR, FRAMES) plots a given actor ACTOR state for the set of frames in FRAMES.

Parameters include:

  • 'actor': DataStructure containing the actor segments in a Segments field; The Segments field must be composed of each present segment name (one per field). Each segment in is composed of Pose field and Length fields.

  • 'frames': The range of frames to display. E.g. frames = [200:300]


close all; clc; clear all;
actor = load('D:/MOTIONFILENAME.mat');
firstValidFrame = find(actor.MotionFile_MOTIONFILENAME.Actor_0_Human.MetaData.ValidFrame ~= 0, 1, 'first');
frames = [1:10];
plotactor(actor.MotionFile_MOTIONFILENAME.Actor_0_Human, firstValidFrame + frames);


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