Why Are "Phantom" Gunshots Hitting The Screen?

The LIVE laser targeting system detects infrared signals, and some infrared signals can be emitted by other sources like direct sunlight, fluorescent lights heating up, etc.  If the targeting cameras are consistently picking up phantom shots, first revert back to environmental lighting conditions that previously worked well.  If that isn't an option, try the following measures:


  1. Check for any reflective surfaces in the area of the projection.  Light reflecting back into the projector could be the issue. 
  1. Put the LIVE Projector Unit into Calibration mode, then adjust the Threshold slider upward until the phantom shots no longer register in the log output window (lower left).  If this works, and you can still register successful shots with your targeting weapons, save this setting. 
  1. If this doesn't work, find the highest Threshold setting that still allows training weapon shots to register, then bring down the Exposure slider until phantom shots stop.   
  1. If phantom shots persist, use the Mask Recording Tool: 
    1. In the upper-left menu, select Mask -> Begin Mask Recording
    2. Wait approximately 3 minutes
    3. Select Mask -> End Mask Recording
    4. Select Toggle Mask Usage to enable the Mask
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