Sound is not coming through the Actor headset to the projector

Checklist for this error:

  • Is the Plantronics headset fully charged?
    • The headset will only charge when securely resting on its base. If the headset is left off the base, the battery will drain.
  • Is the Plantronics headset itself turned on?
    • Light should be flashing near the power button on the earpiece. If this is not flashing, then press the power button on the earpiece once. This is a toggle button. (see headset diagram below)
  • Is the Plantronics base set to communicate with the computer?
    • The base of the headset has three lights. You'll want to ensure the Computer light is lit up. If not, press the Computer button. (see base diagram below)
  • Is Windows audio properly configured?
    • In the Windows audio dialog, Screaming Bee Audio should be set as the default Recording device, and Plantronics headset should be set as the default Playback device. (see images below)
  • Is MorphVox audio properly configured?
    • Under MorphVox -> Preferences -> Device Settings:  ensure that Microphone is set to Plantronics headset, and Playback is set to Default Direct Sound device


Windows Audio Setup:


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